Howdy, I'm Jacob.
I play in Huge Cosmic.
24 yrs old. Fanshawe College Grad
(MIA). I'm aesthetically driven. Forever in pursuit of weird.

where the weird things are.

"The singer is a crook."

So a couple of days back I finally had an opportunity to see Battles live. Having been a fan of their music for four years now, previously neglecting their stage show was definitely an injustice. 

It quickly became obvious to me that Ian Williams, Dave Konopka, & John Stanier are some of the hardest working musicians I’ve ever come across. They should be given Noble prizes for their ability to live loop. And their decision to continue on as a band without Tyondai Braxton is nothing short of inspiring. Watching them perform Atlas without Braxton felt like a sweet victory for both the band and myself as a fan.

With no intention to sound overly crude, I say fuck Tyondai Braxton.

Opening for Battles was England’s Walls. Their set was most deliciously ethereal, and I do wish I could make music of such caliber one day. I only wish Fennesz was churning out such music.

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